Make your Immunity Strong: Secrets Shared by 3 Renown Fitness Experts of Tricity


As the whole nation has stepped towards Lockdown 5.0, people are finding the best ways to meet their fitness goals. Apart from staying fit, the need to boost immunity is essential. Though laziness seems the new normal amidst the stay at home, there is no substitute for self-care. Encouraging it, three fitness freaks have marvelous thoughts on shaping their bodies to live stress-free.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle means you can hit boredom at home and give yourself a perfect new you. Thinking what would be your fitness motivation? You don’t need to limit yourself to exercises, but also have to focus on diet habits. And believe it, you don’t need to be on a diet to stay fit. All you need to focus on is a balanced lifestyle whether you are working from home or not, your immune system should be happy.

Like other places, fitness enthusiasts and freaks have highlighted the importance of peaceful living with workouts. Three of them are from Tricity, who have shared the top things about it. Read on and get introduced to those personalities who have done wonder in their field and are working out daily to meet their fitness goals.

Praguruh Bikram Singh Thapa

Praguruh Bikram Singh Thapa

“Martial arts is not about fighting; it’s about building character.”

Signifying the importance of his achievements, Bikram Singh Thapa has positioned himself to Praguruh, which means Grandmaster. He has been actively involved in martial arts since 1984 and continued his expertise with Choi Kwang Do in 1992. His momentum of encouraging himself made him reach the 6th-degree Black belt, becoming an inspiration for many.

His decision towards changing from Choi Kwang Do to Shastrang in 2018 has stimulated him to visualize the body as a weapon. Thus, it’s been years; he is running the institute, which is now named Shastrang-Make Your Body a Weapon, in Panchkula.

He communicates with his students to practice martial arts through online classes every day. Open for all age groups, Grandmaster and his team teach every student at different times, making the lockdown more productive. His focus is not only on improving art movements, but also motivating healthier lifestyles through stretching, Yoga, and meditation.

Tips for Strong Immunity
According to Grandmaster Bikram Singh Thapa, self-defense lessons boost our self-esteem, required for conquering COVID-19 fear. For this, you don’t need to step outside. Stay inside and boost your immune system by having 3-time meals with no oily foods. Consume juices and intake lukewarm every hour.

Drinking a juice of root vegetables consisting of beet, carrot, ginger, and turmeric help your immune system and lower inflammatory symptoms Inflammation means immune response to infections. It can cause cold symptoms or flu such as coughs, body aches, and nose. Therefore, it is essential to consume this juice as ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory effects.

Not only this, a good sleep is a must for the relaxed mind and body. Stay hydrated and limit the sugar intake.

Grandmaster Bikram Singh Thapa categorizes as one of the fitness experts in Tricity after giving astonishing years to martial arts and natural healing practices.

Isha Arora“You don’t need to find inspiration around you when you are the inspiration.”

Indeed proved by Chandigarh’s resident and gym freak- Isha Arora, who shed her kilos to a fit body, where she was 86 kg before. She has reached her goal in the journey of nine years, where she has not only to lose her weight but has also propelled people to walk thousands of steps and burn their calories.

With the help of WhatsApp, she has her group for her clients and suggests they lose weight with a healthier diet chart and a workout at home. Along with the regular exercises, she encourages bhangra and Zumba.

Transformation By Isha

Tips for Strong Immunity
As she helps people with an appropriate diet chart, which often include Broccoli, Garlic, yogurt, ginger, and dry fruits. Dry fruits are a good source of minerals, proteins, vitamins, dietary fibre, and an ideal substitute for high-calorie snacks. Along with it, intake vitamin c by having lemon, guavas, plums, kiwi, and Papayas.

For an energetic day, get engaged in moderate exercise and drink plenty of water.


Sapna Kanojia

Sapna Kanojia

Being indulged in gymnasts from childhood, Sapna Kanojia has shaped her physical and mental health towards optimism and enthusiasm, even in the present. She has played the gymnast tournament on the University and National level. Taking her endurance to remain fit and happy through stretching and flexibility, Sapna has added Yoga to her lifestyle from the last three years.

Along with it, Sapna’s age and experience persuade her to give personal classes to people in Chandigarh by devoting them hours of ashtanga, Hatha, and multi-style Yoga, which are beneficial for both beginner and practitioner to enhance their spiritual, mental, and physical level.

Tips for Strong Immunity
She teaches Yoga through WhatsApp solely, provides diet suggestions to improve the immune system. Her secrets towards boosting immunity include green leafy vegetables. Our immune system is a network of cells and organs that protect us against foreign invaders.

Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of folate, calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamins C and K. They play a crucial role in functioning the immune system by providing significant chemical symbols that encourage immune cells in the gut to regulate properly. Spinach, arugula, and especially kale are great sources of these nutritious compounds.

Also, connecting to your inner soul through yoga, meditation, and stretching is a great body experience. You sleep well and your body remains active throughout the day.

She suggests that practicing Yoga in the morning is beneficial. It refreshes the body, mind, and soul.

Well, lockdown may have locked you at home for your safety, but keeping your body safe and happy is in your hands. Now, it becomes easy for you to know how to boost the immune system from the home’s comfort and stay fit and fine.

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