Mera Qi’s ‘vocal for local’ initiative


A showcase and exhibition of eco-friendly products made with love from small business owners will provide you a fun Sunday this weekend at Mera Qi. The marketplace experience will also include music, dance, flow arts and fire.

Different music brands and small businesses are coming together for the event. From eco friendly and organic skin care products, there are also food products that will be available for sale. There are fun activities like pottery and tarot reading in addition to reiki and meditation as well.
There will be an organic farmer’s table for people to dive into ‘farm to table’ products which promote sustainable living. Coffee and small bites will be put on sale with carry home options as well.

The event is open to all with complementary Mera Qi lemonade and herbal tea, along with with a little play area for small children too.

Speaking about the event, Ayesha Sandhu, curator at the Tricity-based Mera Qi says, ” It is an effort to be vocal for local, to promote hand work and artisanal products,to get the consumer to meet the maker, to learn more about the intentions and realise how important the consumer’s role can be”.

“If our demand is mindful, our supply will be too. It is an effort to realise that our purpose in life is to feel the joy of being by being amongst people, sharing experiences and honouring our bodies and the mother Earth,” she says on a philosophical note.

Speaking about any  future plans for making the marketplace a regular feature, she says, “We plan to hold it once a month and ideally an open event in one of the beautiful parks of Chandigarh”.

Venue: Mera Qi Space #544, Sector 18b, Chandigarh

Entry fee: Rs 100 per person

Time: 3 pm onwards


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