Chandigarh Residents Open-Minded: Rajneet Kaur, Winner of Ms Chandigarh Body Building Competition


Body building has always been considered a male bastion, we rarely hear of women body builders. Now, slowly but steadily social perception is changing, society is getting open to novel ideas and actions. So, where there were 150-200 competitors for the Mr Chandigarh body building competition 2023 , there were barely six participants in the women’s category.

Rajneet Kaur, Winner of Ms Chandigarh Body Building Competition

The 11th Miss Chandigarh Women Bodybuilding Championship 2023 was won by Mrs Rajneet Kaur who is a food inspector at the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affair Dept in Punjab Government. Her husband works in the same department and she’s also mother to a five–yr old daughter.

CityWoofer caught up with Rajneet Kaur, the winner of the Miss Chandigarh Women Bodybuilding Championship.

Was it the first time you participated in a women body building competition?

I had participated in ICN (I compete Natural), a competition held by an Australian body building federation at Goa in 2022. This was my second time, this event was held by the Chandigarh chapter of the Indian Body Builders Federation recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

Rajneet Kaur

What are the parameters on which the women body builders are judged?

The woman should have slight muscularity and body in proportion. There are 4 mandatory levels in posing which the women contestants participate in.

What motivated you towards body building?

After my daughter’s birth, I joined the gym to get my body back into shape. Meanwhile, I got interested in weight training, I started training under a professional trainer. I have been training for the last  and one a half years at the gym where I spend about 2 and a half hour every day.

Chandigarh Body Building Competition

What’s the diet you follow?

There is a cycle of alternate diets one has to follow. First you have to gain muscle, and then you need to shred it. The calorie count determines the muscle size, so the diet is planned accordingly by the trainer. My diet only includes chicken, eggs, rice, salads and a cheat meal on Sunday when I can eat whatever I want to.

Do you feel any bias against women in this male-dominated field?  

Of course, if you see the poster, it mentions 11th Mr Chandigarh contest and somewhere at the bottom, women category is mentioned.  Infact there was no female entry last year, because women did not get to know about the contest.

Rajneet Kaur, Winner of Ms Chandigarh Body Building Competition

Did you feel any social stigma associated with wearing a bikni for the poses?

There was some apprehension initially in my mind about what people will say in office, but people knew I was very dedicated and had been working hard at the gym. Yes, there is an open mindedness in Chandigarh so it did not bother me much. The audience at the competition was very supportive which encouraged the women participants more.

How is body building different for men and women?

Men and women are biologically different, women need to work very very hard to gain or shed muscle but for men, it is relatively easier.



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