Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan: Engagement Built with Exciting Events in Chandigarh


“Igniting the minds of the youth is the most powerful resource on earth, above the earth and under the earth.”

                                                                                        -Bharatha Ratna, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam


A wonderful planned city of India, Chandigarh is recognized with an open hand symbol. The Open Hand symbolizes peace and reconciliation. It sends out the message, open to give and open to receive. Chandigarh is home to people’s favorite tourist spots, entertainment hub, social activities and delectable meals.

The city has a deep human connection with people residing here. Considering humanity as the only religion, the NPOs have encouraged social working as optimism of humankind and support. One of them is Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan (RCCH).

RCCH aims to change people’s lives with joy and happiness. They believe that an individual supporting another individual sets a great example of humanity. Also, people’s active contribution plays a vital role.


RCCH: Work for Society, Aim for Growth!

Thousands of volunteers from several cities across the country contribute towards women empowerment, education, environment, and other causes. And, one of those contributions is found in Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan (RCCH). It comprises members not only from the city, but also from beyond the borders.

Each member dedicates a few hours every week towards the holistic development of poor and under-privileged people. The club provides a platform for children in need to serve society and to bridge the gap between the learned and the unlearned through educational activities.

Moreover, RCCH works with a vision to establish a prosperous, peaceful, and progressive society by igniting the young minds towards the righteous path. It works for the people who are in need and build an engagement of happiness in their lives.

It’s magnificence has been witnessed during the lockdown days not only through feeding support, but through entertainment as well.


An Undefined Journey Begins to Conquer Hunger and Sleepless Nights!

RAAHAT Campaign

What’s impactful about the club is that it cannot be described in words because it talks less and works more. The day COVID-19 outbreak took place, and the nation has undergone lockdown, RCCH came up with its new project- RAAHAT: No More Hunger. It has helped daily wage workers who were unable to support themselves and their families and has fed 9,000 families.

The story of Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan (RCCH) doesn’t end here. When people were indoors, and grounds were shut to avoid crowds, the club introduced entertainment through the virtual concept. It came out with exciting events for the public where they need to sit on their couch and enjoy the show.

To boost public’s self-esteem and encourage society’s upliftment, the club has welcomed the festive season with “Roshni.”


Roshni: A Festival to Uplift Society!

Diwali is more of an emotion than a festival. To spread smiles and sweetness on this festival of lights, the club has organized the fifth edition of this beautiful event, Roshni, where the diya-painting competition took place. The donations collected are then devoted to society’s betterment.

The club’s growth has touched the peak when it came up with society’s support in a better way.


Blood Donation

Such a campaign has enlightened people for a good camera. A contribution to society is always remembered. The diligence of RCCH is working for the upliftment of the society. You can also be a part of the event.


Bench Donation Drive

Education is for everyone. Encouraging every child to explore their potential and boost their skill, the club spends the collected amount on various schools so that no one leaves behind. RCCH has adopted different schools in which resources and energy are invested to give facilities such as adequate benches, free books to the children, brighter and happier wall paints, and the like.


Entertainment and Public’s Participation for their Interests

Unscripted Alfaaz

The event encouraged everyone to speak their hearts out. Audience listened to the attendee on an open-mic and got inspired by the words used to express the thoughts. This event is a call to many poets, singers, and storytellers to exhibit their talents. And, of course, such events are incomplete without viewers.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was conducted live on Instagram. Many people got engaged and enjoyed the performances with beautiful words and art of narrating what was in artists’ minds. RCCH motivates participants to explore their potential without missing any opportunities.


Himalayan Baithak

Another open-mic event where eminent artists have participated in enticing the listeners with the magic of their incredible words and voices! Here, artists don’t only come to tell their stories, but also to express their feelings and emotions. Anyone can have a superb experience here by not only sharing their stories but also by listening.

Such entertainment events build a connection between a performer and a fan. When the audience hears a soulful portrayal of feelings, it makes them dive into the ocean of poems and stories. The event was organized online on Instagram, where viewers appreciate the skills of performers through comments.


Cherishment for Children with Mind Skills and Fitness Care

The elegance of RCCH is to bring strength and optimism for people in their difficult times or when they are looking for the excellent platform for their talent. Many people might have forgotten to smile in their busy schedules; the club knows how to cherish them for their better lifestyles.

Also, the club has superb facts as well. It has 500+ dedicated members and helps people in need 24X7 hours and keep on connecting with people through significant events. The club has optimistically impacted a lot of people in the last year. Here are the events of the club, encouraging social work at the utmost level-


Kids Olympics

Call it Kido as well; this event inculcates leadership and sportsmanship qualities amongst children. Don’t let children perform at the stage where people actually can grow. In the current times, RCCH has contributed much to performers for their safety. The season has remained superior for attendees, remarking the greatest event before.


Pirates of the City (POTC)

Rotaract club Chandigarh Himalayan, a nonprofit organization, organized the 6th successful season of the Tricity’s Biggest Treasure Hunt, “Pirates of the City” on 17th November 2019. About 70+ teams participated in the hunt, and with great enthusiasm, the pirates ventured The City Beautiful.


Sum Up with Inspiration

Every individual deserves better life opportunities. RCCH has built connectivity between people through various events in Chandigarh where participation influences not only one’s experience but also helps people in need.

Being social is not just about serving society. RCCH has been engaged with Chandigarh for years and marking its footprints in people’s hearts.


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Hasmukh J. Jambusaria
Hasmukh J. Jambusaria
3 years ago

Very nice social work. Congratulations.

Pinky Goswami
Pinky Goswami
3 years ago

too good!! ??