5 Popular Stand-Up Comedy Venues in Chandigarh


Who doesn’t make the weekend plan to have a break from the hustle and bustle of a hectic daily schedule? You hang out with friends or family or may have a solo visit to any place. Well, your weekend plan is not bad until you don’t have added laughter to it. Yes, adding comedy to your life will help you relieve stress for long because laughing is the best medicine you ever need. Thus, make it happen with the best comedy shows in the city!

Laughter is no silly action as multiple shows run in Chandigarh where best stand up comedians are doing brisk shows. And they are ruling people’s hearts. Love for fun is boosting more than ever, with the audience love to have a wonderful time with horrific jokes and talks. Also, spending time on comedy shows always comes out to be worth it.

What now has tickled to your mind is venues for stand up comedy near me? No need to think much, here is a listicle of comedy shows venues in Chandigarh to have a laughter break. Read ahead!

  • Platinum Arts Club

As always, Platinum Arts Entertainment brings the most entertaining and funny act for the audience at Platinum Arts Club. The place has a marvelous ambiance to create awesome memories with comedians’ incredible performances. Engaging and hilarious comedians such as Abhishek Upmanyu, Rahul Subramanian, and more have performed live here. Thus, don’t miss the laughter punch for your next weekend plan!

Platinum Arts Club
  • Xtreme Sports Bar and Grill

This classy venue cum comedy club always ensures that you are enthralled in your sporting action while keeping your glass full. Recognized as Xtreme Sports Bar and Grill, the place has a lot to explore. To take the audience to a unique comedy level, artists such as Pratyush Chaubey, Neeti Palta, Ravi Gupta, and more have sparked the glory of comedy at Xtreme. Make sure you watch them live for the next time!

  • Peddler

Known for pubbing the rock culture, Peddlers is a great place to have happy times with super laughter shows. Your next plan to visit one of the most beautiful stand-up comedy shows venues can be this place because you can have a premier dine as well. You can experience live performances of Vipul Goyal, Parvinder Singh, like comedians.

  • Lazy Shack

Charismatic comedians like Parvinder Singh fascinates his fans with his funny jokes many times at Lazy Shack. Located at the mid of Chandigarh, you would like to have good times at this vibrant place that has everything to serve you with entertainment. From live music to open mic comedy, you can rejoice any occasion here.

  • Boulevard

When you miss some careless laughter in your day, all you need is to fill it with giggles and chuckles. Well, Boulevard is not too far from your home, especially when artists like Aakash Mehta perform here. Thus, don’t miss a chance to build memories at stand up comedy shows and beat stress with an evening full of humor.

These top stand up comedy venues are quite popular in providing laughter moments along with food, drinks, and surprises. Due to a hectic schedule, many people forget to laugh or get so busy that they forget about their personal life. Therefore, it is essential to experience performances of comedians, who crack the jokes that make you laugh every time you remember them.
Let the excitement roll on with upcoming entertainment events, you will get to know through ticketing platforms such as Citywoofer, where you can quickly grab comedy show tickets and have fun on weekends.


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