A Women’s Meet and Greet – Bloggers & Photographers


With International Women’s Day festivities happening all around the tricity all through the month, here’s a meet up organised specially for women to meet and share ideas and experiences, with the aim of propagating women solidarity.

What : Female Bloggers & Photographers Meet
When : Mar 18, 2018 | 11AM – 6PM
Where: Sector 17, Chandigarh

Here’s an open invitation to all female bloggers and photographers in the tricity area. Come and meet fellow colleagues and comrades working in the same fields as yourself. Whether you’re a fashion blogger or a freelancer, a wildlife photographer or a travel photographer, whatever be your area of expertise, whatever be your field of work, you are heartily welcome. From travel to nature to lifestyle to fashion to events to real estate and architecture, if words are your mode of expression or picture frames your weapon of destruction, this is a one of a kind meet for women from different backgrounds to get together and share ideas, experiences, and practical knowledge of skills.

The objective of the meet is to motivate each other, build a circle of solidarity, and learn from one another. New entrants to the world of blogging and photography are also welcome. Women who foresee a career in these fields or who want to embark on a new phase of life but have not yet figured out the demands of the profession are more than welcome. Bring a friend along too, if you’re the shy kinds, or not!

Being a woman in this male dominated world is not easy and often we feel the need to fall back on our female companions who at times like these reiterate the strength that is intrinsically part of our personality. It is our experiences that make us who we are and by sharing these moments with each other, it is not just ourselves that benefit from it, but also those who receive these anecdotes from us. And isn’t that just what the essence of being a woman is? It’s not just a solitary awareness but a shared recounting where not just the one who lived those moments relives it all over again, but all of us somewhere or the other have been through it. Cause, girl, we’re all in this together!

For more details about the meet, contact Aman at +91-94643 33682.


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