Virtual Run! A Perfect Warm-up for Marathons


Marathon season is around the corner. With the coming of Unlock 1, you can go for outdoor running, following all the safety guidelines. You can participate in race events as you do before the lockdown.

But, as lockdown has let us stay indoors for more than a month, most of you are not running. Therefore, before gearing up for running on the ground, prepare yourself through a virtual run. What is it all about? Call it as your self-practice or warm up session, virtual run is an enticing event that gives you an unforgettable experience.

What is a Virtual Marathon?
While there are no parking problems, no crowds, and no starting and finishing lines, the virtual run is a new trend in the running community and is flexible in many ways. Though it may seem strange to many running enthusiasts, organizers believe it is an excellent option for those runners who want convenience.

Virtual race comes out to be a successful experiment with new training methods and plans to find out what works best for your nutrition and prepare for upcoming marathons. By participating in events like Fit India Virtual Marathon 2020, your running can improve day by day.

Also, these events have cash prizes for winners. If you have never participated in it, you should give a try this time.

So, if you plan to participate in upcoming race events, why let this awful virus poison your passion. You need a warmup! Go with these seven ways to practice through a virtual race to run on the ground-

Stepping Up and Down
A virtual run encourages you to cover miles as given by the organizers from your home’s comfort. Thus, before starting with it, you head for exercising a bit, including stairs. Continue it daily as your routine. Not only will you practice for a marathon, but also boost stamina for upcoming race competitions.

Muscle Growth and Strength
Lockdown might have put your attention more towards eating rather than exercising daily. But, as the Government guidelines have given relief, you can give time for yourself. The range of activities and workouts is vast. Look for fitness and diet plans. What’s next? Start your routine for muscle and strength gain.

Food and Immunity
Most of you remain stuck at home with your running shoes gathering dust, so when you struggle to shed kilos, it will be significant to get your diet right. The good idea is to bring that calorie intake right down if you want to lead in long races. Along with workout, your food planning matters. Cook healthy meals to boost your immunity..

Sustained Effort Run
This run builds up your body’s ability to run better after long periods. It would help if you can run twice or thrice a day to get back to the schedule as it was before. By starting it slowly and then increasing your speed, you can prepare yourself for running events no matter how long miles are. It encourages you to come out of your comfort zone.

Stay Hydrated on the Move
You cannot push yourself instantly for a race. A mandate time is a must. To start with it, fuel your body first. Drink plenty of water in any distance you run daily. Learn about eating habits during the marathon. Do not consume heavy meals, in-between the practice session. Have dry fruits or whatever is a source of energy like salad.

Fitness Routine at Home
Virtual events usually run for a month. You need to record your activity with a fitness tracking app and share it with the concerned person. There is no venue for virtual events, but your home. Even if you start practicing for it on the first day of the event, it is sure you can become capable of sharing perfect fitness activity on the last day of the competition.

Stay Connected
The digital world has many opportunities for you. Look for the portals where you can get the latest marathons’ updates, and you can register easily. Participating in joyful activities influences running enthusiasts to run for a cause as well. Many running events happen for a cause, and being a part of it becomes a proud moment for one.

How beautifully a virtual run encourages you to stay in touch with a healthy lifestyle? Once you register for it, the fun begins! It makes you take out time for yourselves. Therefore, from the next time, while you hunt for the answer to how to stay fit at home, push yourself for virtual races, and see the difference.


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Hasmukh J. Jambusaria
Hasmukh J. Jambusaria
3 years ago

I virtual merethon interest. Please inform me.