Soothing yet Stirring – Slam Poetry


What – Poetry Open Mic
Where – Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas
When – November 12, 3pm
How To Get There – Hauz Khas Metro, Yellow Line

The past few years have witnessed a radical change in the way artists convey their humble selves and in the middle of that change came untethered the age old warrior of expression – Poetry. Renewed and somewhat dismembered, this medium carved itself to be more striking, more meaningful and more stunning. Slam Poetry is a happening new way by which poets are making themselves heard. Poetry isn’t the subtle, sombre, sometimes sly plain Jane it used to be. For those of you who are unaware, a Poetry Slam is a recital competition in which oral poets perform their original pieces and are awarded points on the basis of their performance.

Now about the event, Safarnama is organizing its first open mic Poets Chamber at the Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas. Poets Chamber aims at bringing the art of storytelling and poetry to the common recreational spaces. Anyone who wishes to perform and thinks they have something to say, this is your chance. If you are not one of the speakers then make sure you go listen to these young souls opening their hearts out to you. There is no central theme, your poem can be about anything at all. No bar on the language as well. For those of you who wish to perform, send in your entries at 8742928264! Kunzum is located in the heart of HKV and is the place to be for lovers of coffee and mellow lighting.


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